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    • I´mlikeyou® Education Program

      The I´mlikeyou® education program is one of the key projects that gives meaning to the creation of the Cattell Psychologists Foundation whose primary purpose is to fight against the stigma of mental health problems.

    • Art + Mental Health Program

      From the Cattell Psychologists Foundation we want to promote artistic expression as a way to fight against stigma weakening the barriers that separate and isolate us from one another

    • I´mlikeyou® Workshops Program

      Within our I´mlikeyou® workshops Program, an awareness campaign towards people with mental problems, the Cattell Psychologists Foundation has prepared free creativity and training workshops

    • Social awareness actions

      Street Activism, Awareness Videos and Volunteer Training, are three of the awareness and normalization projects of psychological or mental health problems developed by the Cattell Psychologists Foundation as a priority target

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  • I´mlikeyou® Education Program

    Awareness and Education in Mental Health at school
  • Our main goal is to educate in mental health reducing stigma, stereotypes, prejudice, negative attitudes and behaviors of rejection partners with mental health problems or functional diversity

    The program includes a set of activities divided into three sections:

    • Awareness activities, mental health education and promotion of emotional well-being Program for children in primary education.
    • Awareness activities, mental health education and promotion of emotional well-being Program for students of secondary education.
    • Awareness activities, mental health education and promotion of emotional well-being Program for students of Bachelor´s degree and jobTraining.
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    • Schools

      Primary, secondary and bachelor education

    • Number of Students

      Students between 7 and 19 years old

    • Number of teachers

      Number of teachers

    • Total of intervention hours

      Intervention in schools

  • Social Participation, Creativity and Mental Health Workshops

    • Participants
    • Instructors
    • Total of Participation Hours
    • Personal Interviews
    • Cookery, Creativity and Gastronomic Intelligence Workshop
    • Radio, creativity and audiovisual communication workshop
    • Theater games, Clown and Improvisation Workshop
    • Photography, Creativity and Social Photojournalism Workshop
    • Reading and Creative Writing Workshop
    • Computer and Internet Workshop
    • Dance, Creativity and Mental Health Workshop
    • Cinematography and History Workshop
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  • Much More than Volunteers

    Meet some of our volunteers
  • Volunteers at the Cattell Psychologists Foundation are involved in developing awareness campaigns, in implementing the I´mlikeyou® education program and as facilitators in the workshops- creativity, art and mental health meeting spaces

  • Volunteers participate as instructors in the I´mlikeyou® Social Contact Program, coordinating the different Social Participation, Creativity and Mental Health workshops where people with and without mental health problems interact. Furthermore they take educational courses both in their specialty as well as in the field of the strategies to fight against stigma.

    • Salvador Navarro
      PhD Chemistry

      To volunteer is for me like going from a life in black and white to discover all the colors

    • Belen López
      Housewife, mother and creative designer

      To volunteer at the Cattell Psychologists  Foundation is a gift. Since I volunteer, I keep to discover, learn and grow with the wonder of diversity

    • Blanca Serna

      Volunteering helps me to grow and to learn about life. It makes me feel that there is hope, to believe in humanity and that the “dream of a better world” will become a reality.

    • Miguel Ángel Quetglas

      Lightweight luggage and with the only tool of my will to be more human every day, I walk forward in search of a more caring, respectful and tolerant future

    • Javier Fuster
      Psychology Student

      Cooperation, humility and generosity are values ​​that can transform society and make us become better people. I think the example can be a guide for others.

    • Andrés Muñoz
      Tourism Diploma

      For me volunteering is a way of understanding life, with the cooperation and human values being a way of living in community, satisfied with myself. It really is what gives meaning to my life

  • Volunteer Program

  • Digital radio in which the Participants of the radio and audiovisual communication workshop will have the opportunity to share their podcasts
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